Cedar Heights Middle School - PTSA

19640 SE 272nd | Kent, WA 98042

Teacher's, Staff, & Admin

To our Cedar Heights Teacher's, Staff & Admin, 


We know that you miss your classrooms and the relationships you cultivate with each student.  We know distance learning plans are considered the new norm and that we are all trying to embrace the difficulties with a smile on our video conference classes. We also know that student, parent, teacher, engagement is unimaginably difficult.  


During this time of uncertainty, your PTSA is working hard to develop new, creative avenues to increase engagement. We've updated all media sites and have new online contests, challenges, parent-talent survey's, and more.


We've created a dedicated link for you to register with your PTSA.  If you have children that attend the school or would like to add a second adult (does not need to reside at the same address), you can do this on your devoted link. 


You are important, you are valued, and your on-site physical presences is missed.  We appreciate your positivity, flexibility and on-the-fly changes you've quickly adapted to.  We are in this together! 

Please use this link to sign up:  https://mp.gg/fcn76

Please email any suggestions and/or idea's on how we can help engage Parents and Students to: Cedar.Heights.PTSA@gmail.com 



Your devoted Cedar Heights PTSA