Cedar Heights Middle School - PTSA

19640 SE 272nd | Kent, WA 98042

Donations Needed


TO: Cedar Heights families, friends, local businesses, and supporters:

With some COVID restrictions lifted, we will be attempting to fundraise again. We are hoping to restore our funds to provide more events (help with school dances, hold an 8th grade celebration, give teacher grants for supplies and special projects). The PTSA provides curriculum support that the district does NOT fund. Due to Covid and unforseen circumstances the PTSA was not able to raise funds last year and we are running on fumes.  This year we are looking to start back up.

Please email us with any great fundraising ideas at: Cedar.Heights.PTSA@gmail.com  

In the meantime, any donation, small or large, can help us get these activities and donations back up to full funding. And don't forget to check with your employer for employer matching programs! (Boeing, Delta, Microsoft and many more local employers match funds their employees give to non-profits.) Without donations from our families and the community, we will not be able to continue setting aside money for the Grants, the Labs, and the Food and Clothing banks.

The CH PTSA is a non-profit organization which means we are able to exist and operate based on donations from members, families, staff, and businesses. It also means your donation may be tax deductible, check with your tax advisor. If you need a copy of your donation receipt, please email: Treasurer.CedarHeightsPTSA@gmail.com


Are you a business, interested in donating or sponsoring the PTSA of Cedar Heights Middle School. Check out the many ways to give/sponsor here: BUSINESS SPONSOR/DONATION


On behalf of the PTSA and Covington neighborhood families, we thank you for your consideration. 

- Cedar Heights Middle School PTSA