Cedar Heights Middle School - PTSA

19640 SE 272nd | Kent, WA 98042

Donations Needed


TO: Cedar Heights families, friends, local businesses, and supporters:

Due to Covid-19, the Cedar Heights PTSA has not been able to support the students and staff in the same ways we have in the past. The PTSA provides curriculum support that the district does NOT fund. 


How does the PTSA help during Covid?

In the past, the CH PTSA has been able to offer grants to each of the five major departments.  This year we put aside $850 for each department.  Again, this money covers items that are not covered by the district.  Due to the six feet rule, the PE department has purchased new badminton rackets, the English department has used their money to put out a Scholastic newsletter, etc. 
Without donations from our families and the community, we will not be able to continue setting aside money for the Grants, the Labs, and the Food and Clothing banks.


The CH PTSA has not fundraised during the past two years.  We are not going to ask you to buy or sell anything this year. We are simply asking you to consider making a donation to the CH PTSA.  Raising money this way means 100% of your donation will go directly to the CH students and staff so EVERY DOLLAR counts. 


To donate, sponsor, or provide a financial contribution, CLICK the DONATE NOW button or CLICK the Linkhttps://mp.gg/-t96q  .  If you have any questions on what the PTSA can do for your business, please email Cedar.Heights.PTSA@gmail.com   

The CH PTSA is a non-profit organization which means we are able to exist and operate based on donations from members, families, staff, and businesses.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share this with your friends and family members.  Ask them to offer support to their nieces, nephews, grandchildren, extended family, or just best friends.  Far away friends and family love to offer support where they can. 



On behalf of the PTSA and Covington neighborhood families, we thank you for your consideration. 

- Cedar Heights Middle School PTSA